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Rates effective as of  1/1/22

Type of Loan
Minimum Balance to Open
New Recreation Loans
(2018 and Newer)2
60 6.25%
120 6.50%
180 6.75%
Used Recreation Loans
(2017 and Older)2
60 6.75%
120 7.00%
180 7.25%
Mobile Home Loans2 60 10.15%
84 10.15%
120 10.15%
144 9.15%
180 9.15%
Personal Loan Secured2 36 6.39%
48 7.39%
60 8.39%
72 9.39%

Certain restrictions may apply on any of the above loan types. Please contact any of our branch offices for questions. The above rates are determined by credit worthiness. Your actual rate may vary. Contact the credit union to see what rate you qualify for.
1- Annual Percentage Rate
2- In addition to our low loan rates, you can receive up to a 0.5% discount with our Member Rewards program, regardless of your credit score, if you are a sfcu direct borrower. Each of the following products / services qualify for our Member Rewards Program: - Direct Deposit, Automatic Transfer

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