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sfcu is proud to offer a variety of programs, resources, and services to assist our members with financial wellness. Whether you are emptying your piggy bank into a savings account for the first time, saving for that first big purchase, learning more about budgeting, or setting your sites on retirement, sfcu is a partner to trust when it comes to your financial goals!

Visit the links on the right of this page for adult and youth education topics, as well as sfcu products and services which can assist you in your financial journey.

Financial Wellness Information Sessions

sfcu is offering a series of Financial Wellness Seminars to educate our members and the community at large about important topics related to your finances. Please review the topics below, then proceed to the bottom of the page to RSVP for the session(s) with which you have interest.

6/9 @ 6 pm - Teaching Kids About Money

  • Teaching our children good financial habits from an early age will play a large role in their financial success as adults. Instilling the importance of saving, creating opportunities to earn money, and help them learn to make smart spending decisions. This seminar will give you the tools you need to get your kiddos off to a great start!

These seminars are offered as a series, but attendance at any or all sessions is welcomed.

Please sign-up for the session you wish to attend below:

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Archived Presentations

Videos of the following topics will be available shortly after their live presentation date. Additionally, check out the Resource Library page for more videos!

4/15 @ 6 pm - Basic Budgeting

  • Building a basic budget will be the key to help you become financially successful and independent. Building a budget can take some work but will help you reach your financial goals much quicker. This seminar will help you walk through the steps of creating a basic budget and introduce you to our Financial Coaching so you can take your goals to the next level!

4/29 @ 6 pm - Understanding Your Credit Score

  • What is a credit score? How is it calculated? What types of debts are reported to a credit report? How can I increase my credit score? The answers to all these questions and MORE!

5/13 @ 6 pm - Identity Theft

  • Identity theft is everywhere. In this seminar we will talk about some of the different types of identity theft and give you real-world examples. We will also discuss how to protect yourself from becoming a victim and what to do if your information becomes compromised.

5/26 @ 6 pm - Savings 101

  • Saving money can be hard when you aren’t sure where to start or feel like you don’t have money to save. Savings 101 will help you identify easy ways to save, understand the importance of building a savings account and show you it CAN be done!
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