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Savings Program

Change It Up

Get started paying yourself first when using your SFCU Debit Mastercard. Enroll today and Change It Up whenever you use your debit card for everyday transactions. Once enrolled, your debit card transactions will be rounded to the nearest dollar and that amount will be deposited to the account of your choice.


Easy to Get Started

Call, chat or visit a branch to enroll. You may complete the enrollment form in-branch or electronically.

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Swipe and Save

With every purchase you make with your SFCU Debit Mastercard you can Change It Up! We will round up the amount of your Debit Card transactions to the nearest dollar so you can build a savings account for short or long term goals.


Automatic Savings

The Change It Up Savings Program allows you to save painlessly. No need to set large amounts of money aside each week. Those coins will really add up!


You Choose the Account

So where do all those coins go? The choice is yours. You can select an account you already have or open a separate account to receive the Change It Up deposits.

Debit Card

Access Checking AND Build Savings

Access your checking account funds with a tap of your SFCU Debit Mastercard to make your purchases fast and easy! Grab yours at a local branch or chat with a rep by phone or online. Enroll in the Change It Up Savings Program too! We will round your everyday Debit Mastercard transactions to the nearest dollar and deposit the coin in the account of your choice. That is right... you can access your funds while saving at the same time.

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Save for Anything

Reach your short-term savings goals regardless of the occassion

With just a the spare change of your everyday transactions you can Change It Up and save for those exciting goals. Perhaps you want to save for some home renovations, or you have a dream vacation you wish to take in the summer. With our competitive dividend rates, we can help you save more in a shorter amount of time to help you reach your goal painlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You just need an SFCU Debit Mastercard with the checking account option of your choice (excluding HSA Checking) and an account to receive the coins to enroll.

  • If the transaction is an even dollar amount, a full $1.00 will transfer; Example: Transaction posts to checking for $45.00, the round up will automatically transfer $1.00 from checking to selected savings. We will not round if the transaction will bring the account to a zero or negative balance.

  • No, if your purchase is reversed due to a return or other refund, the corresponding ‘Change It Up’ transfer will remain in your Change It Up account. ATM transactions, transfers, even dollar amount or adjustment transactions will not be rounded to the nearest dollar.

  • Yes, your recurring transactions will round to the nearest dollar when enrolled in the Change It Up Savings Program.

    Ex. if you have your utility bill set-up as a recurring Debit Card transaction – when the monthly transaction of $203.50 posts, the transaction will be rounded up to $204 and 0.50 will be deposited to the account you selected to receive your coin.

Excellent customer service!! SFCU provides that small town service which is very hard to find these days.

— Pam W

How it works

Start saving for your goals right away with just a few steps.

  • 1

    Call, chat or visit a branch to enroll.

    Complete the enrollment form online or in-person at one of our branches.

  • 2

    Select the Account to Receive the Change It Up deposits

    Select or open the account that will receive your Change It Up deposits and start saving for tomorrow.

  • 3

    Pay Yourself

    As you pay yourself, watch your change accumulate and grow into a substantial savings to be used for short or long term goals.

Open a Savings Account


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Save for what you want the simple way

Experience the freedom to save for nearly any goal you can imagine. Save without worrying about paying fees or maintaining a minimum balance.