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SFCU Platinum Mastercard®

Stretch your dollars further by earning rewards on your credit card purchases

Earn rewards on your everyday purchases with a SFCU Platinum Mastercard. There are a variety of options for redeeming your credit card reward points, including cash back, travel, gift cards, & charity donations!


Contact Us when Traveling

Log in online to access 'Message Center' under 'Contact Us' menu. Select 'Compose' & subject 'Credit/Debit Card' to fill-in trip details. Just another way we are keeping you safe. When accessing 'Contact Us' via mobile see the 'more' option to access menus.

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Earn Rewards

Get 1% back on everyday purchases to redeem for a variety of rewards options, including cash back, travel, charitable donations, and more! Log in to Online or Mobile to access 'Rewards' link under the 'Account Services' menu to keep track of and/or redeem points or call 866-215-9541.


No Annual Fees

No-annual-fee on the SFCU Platinum Mastercard card makes it easy to come out ahead, regardless of your spending.

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Instant Issue

Get your SFCU Platinum Mastercard instantly in branch, so you can start earning points right away.

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24/7 Fraud Monitoring

We'll watch your back with 24/7 fraud monitoring, so you can feel confident your card information is safe.


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As low as APR*
Points for Dollars Spent

The more you spend, the more rewards you earn!

With a SFCU Platinum Mastercard, you can earn 1% back on every dollar spent that you can redeem for great rewards. From cash back to travel expenses, use your rewards to make life more enjoyable.

Want to access your rewards details? Login to Online Banking and select 'Rewards' from the 'Account Services' menu. (see 'more' when in mobile) or select the rewards link below to learn more, or call 866-215-9541

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Cash Back

Turn your rewards points into cash back that can be credited to your Mastercard account balance.

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Use your points toward travel expenses and take that vacation you've always dreamed about!


Gift Cards

Transform your points into gift cards, so you can enjoy specific experiences around town or around the world!


Charitable Donations

Select a charity that has personal significance and have your points converted into a cash donation to the organizations of your choice.


Protect with McAfee

Protect what matters to you on your devices with McAfee. Use your SFCU Mastercard to get a discounted 13-month subscription. Plus a complimentary TechMate Subscription (see link below for further details).

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Mastercard Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, the rate for foreign transaction fees is 1% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars.

  • Your security is important to us. Therefore, we ask that you notify us when vacationing or traveling to avoid disruption of service. Log in online to access ‘Message Center’ under ‘Contact Us’ menu. Select ‘Compose’ & subject ‘Credit/Debit Card’ to fill-in trip details. Just another way we are keeping you safe. When accessing ‘Contact Us’ via mobile see the ‘more’ option to access menus.

  • SFCU is available to assist you with a lost or stolen SFCU Debit or Credit Mastercard 24/7.

    Call 877.642.7328 for assistance.

  • We know your credit score’s importance to financial well-being, so we offer Credit Score, conveniently accessed within mobile banking. Credit Score is FREE to our members, and you can check and refresh your credit score and credit report daily without impacting your score. Do you want to improve your credit score to achieve those goals? Whether buying a house, a car, or anything requiring a loan or if you’re going to rent a new apartment or improve your overall creditworthiness, Credit Score can help you.

    With Credit Score, you can set a credit score goal, receive personalized recommendations, and track your progress toward your goal. You can edit your goal anytime, and you will receive messages when meeting milestones to encourage you along the way.

    And there is more! You can access the following features:

    • Personalized Credit Report
    • Real-Time Credit Monitoring Alerts
    • Credit Score Simulator
    • Credit Score Action Plan
    • Credit Score Education

    Are you ready to reach your financial goals? You got this! Enroll in Credit Score today. Ready, Set, Goal!

  • An essential part of your financial health is to keep an eye on your credit score. Credit scores have become such an integral part of our everyday lives. That’s why it’s extremely important that you keep track and understand how your financial decisions affect those three numbers. Our easy-to-use Score Simulator within Credit Score, available online and on the app. The Score Simulator can take the “what ifs” and generate an approximate credit score that will help you see where you stand. The simulator is an easy way to gain valuable insights into your future eligibility for loans and credit cards.

    How does the Credit Score Simulator work? The tool will share how much your credit score might increase or decrease based on your specific financial decisions.

    Financial decisions such as:

    • Applying for new credit
    • Getting a new loan
    • Managing your credit card balances
    • Managing your payment activity
    • Making payments on time
    Discover how different financial decisions can impact your credit score, and financial health while making reaching your goals easier than ever.

    Simulate Your Score. See Where You Stand. Now.

  • Log in to Online or Mobile to access ‘Rewards’ link under the ‘Account Services’ menu to keep track of and/or redeem points. You can also call 866-215-9541 to inquire on, or redeem your rewards.

How it works

Apply online, by phone, or at a branch location near you

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    Apply for a card

    Complete the application.

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    Receive your card

    Once approved, we'll give you your new credit card.

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    Earn rewards

    Start earning rewards on every purchase with your card!

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You're going to spend anyway. Why not earn some rewards!?

With a SFCU Platinum Mastercard, you can earn 1% back on every purchase to redeem for a variety of rewards from cash back to travel expenses.