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Health Savings Account

Make it easy to pay for healthcare expenses with a health savings account

Many healthcare plans have high deductibles. Save pre-tax dollars for the unexpected with a health savings account (HSA) from SFCU.


Cover Many Expenses

Use your HSA to pay for a wide variety of medical expenses, including co-pays, prescriptions, vision, dental, OTC medications, and more.

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Pre-tax Contributions

You or your employer can contribute pre-tax funds to your health savings funds to save more for healthcare.


Payroll Distribution

Add money to your HSA automatically from your paycheck with payroll distribution to make it easy to save for medical expenses.

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HSA Debit Card

When you open an health savings account with SFCU, you'll get an HSA Debit Mastercard® to easily pay for healthcare expenses.


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Cover a Variety of Expenses

Use HSA funds to pay for a wide variety of medical expenses

Medical expenses can come in many shapes and sizes, but with an health savings account from SFCU, feel confident that you're covered. You can use your HSA funds to cover a wide variety of expenses, including:

• Co-pays
• Prescriptions
• Vision
• Dental
• OTC medications
• And more

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Save on Taxes

Save more money on taxes with an HSA

There are several ways that a healthcare savings account can help you save more on your taxes. Between pre-tax contributions and tax deductions, you may be able to save this tax season.

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Tax Deductible

You may be able to subtract your HSA contributions from your taxes to possibly lower your tax payments. Talk to a tax professional to learn more!


Tax-free Healthcare Spending

Qualifying medical expenses are exempt from taxes, helping you afford more healthcare coverage with your HSA.*

made me feel like they really wanted to help me and they were very respectful

— David V

How it works

Let our friendly professionals guide you through the account opening process

  • 1

    Open your HSA account

    Chat with a rep online or visit a branch location to get started

  • 2

    Go through setup

    Set up automatic contributions and get your HSA debit card.

  • 3

    Start saving

    Contribute to your HSA to save for healthcare expenses.

Open a Health Savings Account


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Protect yourself from the high cost of healthcare

Healthcare isn't always affordable, even with insurance. Open a health savings account to put money away to pay for a variety of healthcare expenses and give yourself more peace of mind.