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Protect yourself from overdraft fees

Kwik Kash Lines of Credit

With a Kwik Kash line linked to your checking account, you may cover checks that exceed your available balance, up to your available line of credit. Or simply take an advance by transferring funds online to access cash.

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Avoid Overdraft Fees

With Kwik Kash covering expenses, you can focus on paying the loan instead of additional overdraft charges.


Affordable Rates

If you do experience overdraft fees, you can relax knowing that our rates are lower than many other financial institutions.

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Minimum of at Least $100

Even with a lower credit score you may be automatically pre-approved for a $100 Kwik Kash line of credit.

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Open Line of Credit

Not only can Kwik Kash be used for overdraft protection, it can also be an emergency line of credit for when unexpected expenses come up. It may also help you build or rebuild your credit.


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Attached to your account

Extra layer of overdraft protection

A Kwik Kash line of credit may help protect you from paying overdraft fees. With most members being pre-approved for at least $100, a Kwik Kash line of credit is within reach.

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Open Line of Credit

Help build or rebuild your credit with Kwik Kash

With Kwik Kash, you can do more than complete payments that exceed your balance. If you are seeking an easy way to build or repair your credit, you can use Kwik Kash funds as an open line of credit. As you make consistent, timely payments on your balance, you may help improve your overall credit score.

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The whole transaction was fast and easy to complete on line and every thing was as promised. Thank you for the great service.

— Gerald F

How it works

Learn how Kwik Kash can help you when you need it most.

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    Apply for a Kwik Kash Line of Credit

    It takes only minutes to fill out the application.

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    Get response

    Upon approval, if you make a purchase or have an emergency expense that exceeds your balance, Kwik Kash is available up to your credit limit.

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    Repay what you borrow

    You can pay it off all at one time or start making regular payments on your Kwik Kash line of credit.

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Protect your checking from overdraft fees or for other expenses

You may be waiting on a paycheck or have a sudden emergency expense that a Kwik Kash line of credit may help you cover.