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Business Line of Credit

The funds you need to grow your business, are within reach

The world of business can be uncertain. With a business line of credit from SFCU, you can feel at ease knowing you have funds available to cover short-term expenses like operating costs or purchasing supplies. That way, you can continue growing your business no matter what might happen.


Variety of Purposes

You're free to use your business line of credit for a variety of purposes, including covering cash flow gaps and overdraft protection.


Several Options Available

Choose between secured and unsecured lines of credit to fit your needs and goals. You may be able to get a business line of credit without any collateral!

Use for a Variety of Purposes

Enjoy more financial flexibility

There are countless expenses that can impact your business. Be prepared for them all with a business line of credit from SFCU. The funds are always available, and you can use them for a wide variety of purposes to cover cash flow gaps, overdraft protection, purchasing supplies, and much more.

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Secured and Unsecured Options

Choose a line of credit that works for your business

Every business is different, so you should be able to choose a line of credit that works for your unique needs. At SFCU, we offer both secured and unsecured business lines of credit. You may be able to open a new line of credit for your business and boost your cash flow right away!

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How it works

Speak with a Business Loan Specialist to see what option works best for you

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    Complete an application

    Fill out an application and provide the required financials.

  • 2

    Get response

    We'll crunch the numbers and let you know if you're approved.

  • 3

    Upon approval

    Use the funds from the line of credit to support your business.

Contact Our Commercial Loan Dept.


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Make cash flow issues a thing of the past

With a business line of credit from SFCU, you can feel confident knowing that you always have funds available to cover gaps in your cash flow. Pay for supplies, cover operating expenses, and more with a line of credit that's always there to help your business grow.

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