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Share Secured Loans.

Get a lower rate loan to pay for whatever expense life might throw your way

Unlike higher interest unsecured loans, share secured loans from SFCU are backed by your savings account balance to keep rates low and give you fast, affordable funding to pay for nearly any expense.


Low Interest Rates

Keep rates low by securing your loan with your savings account balance. You'll just have to pay 3.00% APR plus your SFCU savings dividend rate.


Flexible Terms

Spread out the payments over a longer period of time, up to 144 months, to keep your monthly payments low to fit nearly any budget.


Build or Rebuild Credit

A share secured loan is an excellent way to build credit when just starting out or rebuild credit that may have been damaged in the past.

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Fixed Monthly Payments

It's easy to budget for your loan payments because they won't change over time! You'll pay the same amount each month with fixed monthly payments.


Direct Deposit Cash Rewards

Opt-in to receive a monthly cash back reward for each qualifying loan you have with SFCU.


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Low Interest Rate

Get a lower rate compared to most other loan types

Nobody likes wasting money paying interest. With a share secured loan from SFCU, your loan is backed by the money in your savings account. Since the funds are secure, you can enjoy much lower interest rates compared to other types of unsecured personal loans and save more money over the course of the loan. You can get an SFCU share secured loan with just 3.00% APR plus the dividend rate on your SFCU savings account!

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Flexible Terms

Keep your monthly payment nice and low

When you apply for a share secured loan from SFCU, you can spread out your payments up to 144 months to keep your monthly payment nice and low. That way, you're less likely to default on your loan or miss a payment.

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How it works

It's easy to apply for a share secured loan with us.

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    Complete an application

    It takes only minutes to fill out the online application.

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    Get response

    We'll crunch the numbers and let you know if you're aproved.

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    Use the funds

    Upon approval, use your loan funds to pay for whatever you need!

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Apply for a loan with a fast response and competitive rate to pay for any of life's expenses

When you need a fast response, affordable funding, a share secured loan from SFCU is backed by your savings account to keep rates low, helping you save more money over the course of the loan. Plus, you can use the funds for just about anything!