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Build Your Score

Credit Builder

Establish or restore your credit while you build savings for the future. Uniquely designed to help improve your credit history, the funds from the loan are placed in an account for safekeeping while you make scheduled payments.


Loan Amount Options

Loan amounts range from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $2,000.

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No Upfront Cash

Unlike a share secured loan, you do not need to have the cash upfront to qualify.

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Fixed Monthly Payments

It's easy to budget for your loan payments because they won't change over time! You'll pay the same amount each month with fixed monthly payments.


On Your Own

This loan cannot have a co-borrower or co-signer.


Credit Builder

Unlike a share secured loan where you need to provide the money upfront, a Credit Builder puts the funds you borrowed in a savings account to secure the loan. As you make payments, the amount paid towards the principal balance becomes available. Example: Your credit builder loan is for $2,000 - that entire amount is put on hold in a savings account to secure the loan. You make your minimum monthly payment of $100; $95 is applied to the principal and $5 is paid in interest. The secured amount in your account reduces by the $95, and those funds can be withdrawn (if you would like).


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How it works

It's easy to apply for a Credit Builder loan with us.

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    Complete an application

    It takes only minutes to fill out the online application.

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    Get response

    Most credit builder loans are instantly approved, so there is little to no waiting for an answer.

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    Make on time payments

    Start seeing your credit score grow by making on time payments.

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When you need to establish or increase your credit score, a Credit Builder loan from SFCU is an option to build or rebuild your credit.