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Evergreens: Ages 12-17

Teach your teen healthy financial habits

Help your teen learn to manage their money with a free checking account from SFCU designed to give them the freedom to practice money management under adult supervision.


No minimum account balance

Help your teen learn without having to worry about a pesky minimum balance.

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Online & Mobile Banking

Learning to monitor your finances is important. With online and mobile banking your teen will have a head start.


Overdraft Protection

You can choose to connect the youth checking account with a savings account to prevent overdrafts. If your teen makes a mistake, they won't be penalized.



Parents and guardians can allow their child to have share-to-share transactions between their accounts for easy transfers and overdraft protection.


Graduation Gift

High school seniors can receive $20 from SFCU when opening a checking account and debit card to start adulthood on the right foot.

Online & Mobile Banking

Keep an eye on your child's finances

Help your teen visualize money management with free online banking tools. Easily access the account from your device to better understand the account status, balance, and transactions to ensure your teen makes responsible financial decisions.

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No Minimum Balance

Worry less about rules and more about learning healthy financial habits. With no minimum balance on youth accounts, your teen can enjoy more control over their account without penalties.

Overdraft Protection Options

Link their checking account with a savings account to prevent overdraft charges. Even if your teen makes a mistake and overdrafts their account, they won't be penalized.

How it works

It's easy to get a savings and checking account for your teen.

  • 1

    Complete an application

    Fill out the application with the teen and secondary account holder.

  • 2

    Open an account

    Make an initial deposit and open the account.

  • 3

    Practice healthy habits

    Have your teen manage the account to learn healthy financial habits.

Open A Youth Account


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Teach your teen how to spend and save responsibly

With an account from SFCU, any child between the ages of 12 and 17 can have a safe space to learn about spending and saving without worrying about account minimums and overdraft penalties. It's the best way to prepare them for the world!

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