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Business Dividend Checking

Earn dividends on your business checking balance

As you work on growing your business, your business checking account can grow and pay out dividends monthly.


Earn Dividends

Make the most of your business funds by allowing them to grow and earn dividends while they rest in a checking account.

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Unlimited Account Transactions

Experience no limit on how many deposits, transfers, and other account transactions you can make with us.


Unlimited Withdrawals

At SFCU, we want to make your business life easier by removing extra fees and limits on how often you can withdraw funds.


Avoid Account Fees

By maintaining an average daily balance of $5,000, you can have account fees waived and therefore save some extra money.


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Earn Dividends

Grow your funds while keeping your funds safe

You work hard for your business, so by choosing a Dividend Business Checking account you can reward your efforts even more. As your profits rest in this account, they can earn monthly dividends to grow the balance even more.

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Unlimited Account Transactions

Enjoy greater flexibility with your funds

While other financial institutions limit how many account transactions you make with your business funds, SFCU provided a different approach. From transfers to withdrawals, we allow you to make transactions when you need.

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How it works

Open and use a Dividend Business Checking account with a few steps.

  • 1

    Complete an application

    Fill out an application with a Business Services Specialist or at your local branch.

  • 2

    Make an initial deposit

    Deposit funds to start growing your account right away.

  • 3

    Enjoy the benefits

    As you maintain the minimum average daily balance requirement of $5,000 your business can earn monthly dividends.

Connect with a Business Services Specialist

Help your business by effortlessly growing the account balance

As you deposit earnings into a Dividend Business Checking account, our competitive rates will allow your balance to increase each month.

SFCU cannot open accounts for local governments or businesses/organizations that deposit public and/or municipal funds.