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I received a letter requesting proof of insurance. Why did I receive this letter and what action do I need to take?

We appreciate you financing your vehicle with SFCU. We require a copy of your declaration page for the loan collateral (insurance binders expire after 30 days). Notices(s) will be sent if proper proof is not provided. You may ask your insurance provider to supply this if it is more convenient. How to Provide Your Insurance Policy Declaration Page:

  • Upload: Have the Reference # and PIN provided on the letter you received available.
  • Email: (file type: PDF, PNG, TIF or JPG)
  • Fax: 877.419.8521
  • Mail: Sidney FCU, Insurance Tracking Center, PO Box 924281, Fort Worth, TX 76124

Requirements: continuous insurance with no lapses, Sidney FCU named as lien holder/loss payee, and both comprehensive and collision coverage (or physical damage) with deductibles not greater than $1,000. Note: An Insurance ID Card is NOT adequate evidence of the required physical damage insurance.

Questions? Call 877.244.8212

If proof is not provided, we will buy insurance coverage on the collateral and charge the cost to you.