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Stay aware


Avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Regularly monitor your account using online banking and review monthly statements. Notify us immediately if any unauthorized transactions occur. Also, go to and follow the steps to report identity theft if your personal information has been compromised.


Avoid Clicking Links

Don’t click links received via text or email from known or unknown sources. Manually type in the website URL to avoid downloading viruses and malware onto your devices.


Multifactor Authentication

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication when available and do not use the same usernames and/or passwords for multiple logins.


Personal Information

Don't share personal information with anyone! Keep your Social Security Number, Driver’s License, and usernames/passwords private.


Security Alerts

Sign up for security alerts via text or email when they are available. SFCU offers alerts within Online Banking.


Caution Online

Use caution when engaging with people online. Scammers use social media, dating apps, online platforms, email, and text messages to get personal information.



Create unique, strong and complex passwords. Combine upper/lower case, alpha, numeric and special characters. Consider passphrases vs passwords.

News and alerts

Security Advisor

Visit Security Advisor and stay up to date about current security concerns, types of fraud, and what you can do to protect yourself. Articles and alerts are refreshed regularly and are brought to you by our partners at Stickley on Security.

Learn more


Our partners at Banzai have quick reads and activities to help you learn more. Search 'fraud' or 'scam' to quickly access a list of resources. Navigate the site for additional information on a variety of topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SFCU is available to assist you with a lost or stolen SFCU Debit or Credit Mastercard 24/7.

    Call 877.642.7328 for assistance.

Scam Alert Don't Click Links in Texts. Scammers often use a fake call to action to create a sense of urgency. Do Not Click.