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Mortgage Options

Become a homeowner with affordable rates and flexible terms

With low down payment options, quick closing times, and competitive rates on multiple repayment term options, you can save money while purchasing the home of your dreams. Explore the mortgage options available with SFCU.

    • ARM products are based on a 30 year amortization
    • 1st Mortgage, Owner occupied
    •  80% of Purchase Price or Appraised Value whichever is less
    • Greater than 80% LTV requires PMI Insurance
    • Vacation Homes/2nd homes are .25% higher and require 20% down payment
    • Manufactured Loans minimum down payment 20%, New Home only for ARM’s; new and used available for fixed rates
    • Escrow may be required
    • One to four family primary residence; no commercial property
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage rate and payment changes:
      The rate indicated for adjustable rate mortgages is the initial rate and is subject to increase.
      For example; the 5/1 Year ARM will have a constant interest rate for the first five years. Adjustable rates may change annually based on an “Index”.
      Before each Change Date, we will calculate the new interest rate by adding the “Margin” to the “Current Index”. The result will then be rounded to the nearest one-eighth of one percentage point (0.125%) which will be the new rate.
      The rate may not adjust more than the “Max Rate change per Period” indicated above on each “Change Date”. The total loan adjustment will not adjust more than the Lifetime Cap indicated above over the “Life time Change” of the loan.

    NMLS# 609016

NMLS# 609016

How it works

Becoming a homeowner is achievable in a few steps with SFCU.

  • 1

    Complete an application

    Apply with one of our expert Mortgage Specialists

  • 2

    Get approved

    We will review your application and quickly inform you of your approval status.

  • 3

    Buy your home

    With your mortgage funds you can purchase your home.

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See how you can buy a home with our affordable rates and flexible terms

Save money while purchasing the home of your dreams with low down payment options, quick closing times and competitive rates on all repayment terms.

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