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For Teachers

Youth Financial Education through money easier is a service sfcu is proud to offer, free of charge to the school districts within our field of membership.

To assist teachers, we have created several options so financial wellness can become an essential part of a students' education. We offer the following:

On-Demand Resource Library

Contains pre-recorded presentations based on popular topics in financial education.

Virtual Presentations

Can be arranged with our Financial Education Department, built following the curriculum you are covering in your classroom, either live or pre-recorded.

In-Person Presentations

A representative from our Financial Education Department will come to your classroom and cover the curriculum (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).

Contact Us

sfcu is here to help. Please contact our Financial Education Program Coordinator Elise Glassett today via email or by phone at 607-561-7346!

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Local: 607-561-7328, 607-432-1451

Toll Free: 1-800-642-7328

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