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Debit Mastercard, Featuring Contactless Payment

Our expanded roster of Debit Mastercard options all features contactless pay; an easy way to use your card at participating retailers, vending machines, and other places where you could swipe your card. Now you can safely and quickly use the Near-Field Communication (NFC) built into your card and go contactless!

Debit Card Options


Local Artists


Our selection of Debit Mastercard designs is a combination of classic favorites with input from local photographers. We thank these artists for contributing their photos for the benefit of our members:

Craig Stevens

Walking through the woods and photographing nature has been the most relaxing thing I have ever done. My passion is photographing wildlife, especially eagles and hawks. There is nothing more gratifying to me than snapping a clear shot of an eagle taking off or landing. It's also fun to make make something special out of simple things like old fences, barns, unique trees, babbling brooks, and rock walls. Sometimes the simplest shot becomes your most unique photograph. Thanks to SFCU for the opportunity to share some of my photos with your members!

Card Designs Featuring Craig's Photos

Diana Forrest

I’ve always enjoyed photography and living in a rural area gives an endless number of subjects to photograph. Night shooting is my favorite, lightning, stars, the milky way, and even comets are a challenge and a thrill to capture. I also enjoy old barns, churches, and animals. Anything that gives you a feeling from wonder to peace is what I look for with my camera.

Card Designs Featuring Diana's Photos

Elise Glassett

Elise is a self-taught, journey photographer. She has a passion for nature and tranquil locations.

She thinks shooting photos are a beautiful way of revisiting moments which once brought her joy.

The lens helps her to find a new perspective for what is already in front of her.

Card Designs Featuring Elise's Photos

Robert Dann

I first became hooked on photography in high school. From the way sunlight
danced across my room at dawn to the way landscapes at sunset were redefined
with each passing second, I was inspired to work with light and form. I took my
hobby to the next level by studying photographic illustration and journalism at RIT.
Of the two disciplines, it was news photography that challenged me to more deeply
understand the relationship between words and pictures. Working for daily
newspapers was natural because, prior to the 1980's, there was power in the way
that news photographs told human stories.

Evolving with the Internet, my later work focused on environmental portraiture
and lifestyle photography. My photo stories became colorful digital images of chefs
and their recipes, craftsmen and their products and other topics for “niche”

From the beginning, photography has been a moving target. Subjects and the
medium itself have changed dramatically in the forty plus years I have been making
photographs. Even the light seems different.

And, there is also irony. In the start of my journey, I chose the stark reality of news
photography. Now, I am digging up my illustration roots of long ago to produce
images crafted to my vision of the world around me. While the old work addressed
the way things were, the intent of my new images is to inspire what could be.

My wife Cheryl and I reside in Bainbridge and have four adult children and seven
grand children.

Card Designs Featuring Robert's Photos

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