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Teacher Resources

At SFCU, we believe learning about money is an essential part of growing up. That's why we're proud to offer Youth Financial Education resources to support our teachers — a completely free service for school districts within our field of membership.

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SFCU has partnered with Zogo Classroom to offer teachers the ability to cover a number of financial topics, monitor student progress and curate curriculum. This is a Jumpstart K-12 curriculum-approved platform that gamifies financial education. Contact us for additional details.

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In-Person Presentations

A representative from our Financial Education Department will come to your classroom. We offer a variety of financial education topics that are available for students' Pre-K through college age (and beyond)!

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Real World - Money Edition Event

High School Students can explore the world of money management at an SFCU's 'Real World - Money Edition' event! From budgeting monthly expenses to navigating unexpected surprises, students get hands-on experience in financial decision-making. Careers, housing, savings – every choice matters! Learning and fun go hand in hand as students embraced the real-world challenges of fiscal responsibility. Ask about hosting an SFCU Real World Event at your School District.